Robin Hood And Maid Marion Themed Wedding

I am looking for ideas for a themed wedding based upon Robin Hood and Maid Marion. I am not sure even whether it would be a medieval or rennaissance time period.
I live in the San Fernando Valley and just got engaged this Valentine's Day. The date will be summer 2002.
Any ideas would be helpful.
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What would you think about the idea of having digital caricatures of your guests depicted as characters in the Robin Hood story . Caricatures such as: Maid Marion, Robin Hood, Little John, etc.
Click on the blue link below, e-mail us a clear digital photo of yourself or someone else and we will return you a sample of what ALL AMERICAN CARICATURES can do for your party.
Hope to here from you soon.
Good luck with the party.

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The classic tale of Robin Hood is set in a Medieval time period, but you could use rennaissance at a setting as well.

Posted by Anna; updated 03/16/01


Check out Rose Creation's website( They have rose head wreaths. These could be used for the entrie wedding party. Happy and festive they can be fashioned to be appropriate for victorian weddings, renaissance weddings and gothic weddings. They are made of real roses!

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Congratulations Mayree! I can take digital portraits of your guests with a themed border & graphics personalized for you wedding! Your guests will go home with the perfect momento! Call me with any questions or for an appointment! (818) 505-8522 Thank you!

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Forgive me, I'm a balloon person, so I instantly see everything in balloons. May I suggest have a dramatic forest created out of balloons. We can create a color that's very popular now (sage green) and the tree trucks could be made with brown. Trees could be placed thru-out your banquet hall to create the forest effect. Talk to florists about vine effects and topiary designs for the tables (to give the feel of bushes and greenery). I also picture lots of olive green or sage green tulle draped. Oh- I just had a great idea- a dance floor with trees for your corners and tulle draped to the ceiling like vines and greenery hanging from the middle. If you would like to see ideas, please go to and click on decorating. We offer free consultations (we're in Fontana, CA) and can offer you a sketch and bid on the ideas mentioned. We can also send you samples of the colors mentioned. Good luck with your event planning!

Visit vendor page: IT S A GAS
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Congrats on your engagement! i am getting married too in a themed wedding. We are doing renaissance, and let me offer some advice. If you are looking for outfits for you and the groom, and you sew, check out They are in the LA area, and do mail order, you can order patterns from there.

If you don't sew, check out Chivalry sports has great ren/middle ages costumes that last forever and are reasonalby priced.

Or (shameless plug) email me. I live in the San Diego Area, I can offer you advise, or maybe help you put together your dream outfit. I have been doing historical costuming similar to the period you are looking at. I will be maing my own wedding outfit, and I have made a couple of wedding dresses in renaissance style.

Good Luck!!

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Thanks for the resources. I haven't decided yet whether I want to have my dress made or find something on-line. I haven't found exactly what I am looking for yet, but I will let you know if I decide to have something custom made.

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I offer personalized candy bars. These are great to give out to each guest at a wedding reception. Please email me at for more information. We could easily make a candy wrapper with a Robin Hood theme.
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Custom cake tops made for all themes. Castle centerpieces to match your colors and themes. You choose the finish.

See the knight and his maid. They can easily make you Robin Hood and Maid Marion.
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Live dove display and releases are good for this type of theme wedding! I am located in NH and have no contacts in CA, but you should be able to find a weddings dove service in your area by doing a net search. You can check my site for info at
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Blend rennaisence aspects with medieval. Bride and groom in medieval dress. Robin in traditional Lincoln green, Marian in dress, and circlet of flowers for her May queen aspect.

Summer theme inspired by Arcadian woods of Shakespeare -"As you like it" and "Midsummer Nights dream ."

Have someone sing the song "Robin Hood`s Wedding"
From the Edwardian (early 20th cetury) opperetta by
Edward German, "Merrie England".

Just some ideas. Good Luck.

By the way I`m working on a play featuring Robin and Marian, which, in it`s development could have them as the central characters.

I working on ideas as well.

Kind regards

Posted by Robert Armitage; updated 01/20/10