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Need help planning a couples shower. IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS
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This is a game that we played at my sister in laws bridal shower. I'm sure it could be played with couples too!

My friends and I all love to cook, so we made up a cooking game! First we came up with a theme, we used mexican, then a list of food items that the hostess purchased. When everyone arrived, they were divided into teams. Then we divided the food between the 2 teams. Now the 2 teams have to prepare an appetizer, main entree and dessert ONLY from the ingredients they have. It was a blast!
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We played a Newly wed game when my friend Kellie got married that you could use! This is what we did:

We had 8 different 5pt. (round one) questions for the ladies, 8 different 10pt. (round two) questions for the men, with a 25 point bonus questions. We sent the men out of the room first, asked the ladies the questions, brought the men back in, keeping score as each team answered, then did the same with the ladies leaving the room. You'll probably want to go with 5 questions for men and women as 8 was a little too many, for a total of 100 points.The winners recieved a bottle of Sparkling cider with hugs and kisses candy, each of the "losing" teams recieved baggies with hugs and kisses and candy hearts.

You could tweak it a little and make all the questions about the engaged couple! We had a ball :-)

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We had the same kind of shower! We didn't want to leave the guys out so we made it a couple's thing.

First get a pair of nylon stockings, thigh highs work best, but if you don't have them just cut a regular pair in half. Then place a orange in the foot part and tie a knot at the top. (This will give you two "swingers"). If you have more than two teams, you will obviously have to make more. Now, have each team line up in a single file row, one behind the, other. The first player on each team must safety pin the panty hose to the back of his jeans,so that the pantyhose with the orange in it hangs down between his legs, but doesnt touch the floor. (The swinger should hang about 5 inches from the floor). Now you place another orange on the floor in front of the first person in each line. (The one with the swinger attached).

This is a relay. The object of the game is to get the "puck" oranges across the room to a line or mark on the floor. They should go to the line and then turn around and hit the orange back. Then they unpin their swinger and pin it on to then next person in line. The winning team gets a prize.

This is the most hilarious game that I have ever seen, so make sure you have your cameras ready!

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Ooh I've got some too!

"Suck and Blow"
Gather in a circle with 1 playing card. Suck the card to your lips, then blow it to the person to your right who must suck the card and blow it to the person to his/her right. If you drop it your eliminated. This game once the winner was determined was played through out the night just for fun. Prize...A deck of cards!

"Toilet paper game"
Two players and as many teams of two as you have. Start with two rolls of toilet paper, get down on your hands and knees, push the two rolls aligned at the cardboard between the two players forheads and balance to stand up with out dropping. Each team succeeds with two rolls and moves to three rolls and so on the team that can stand with the most rolls wins! Our record is 5, almost to 6 but nobody did 6 all the way. Prize...a beautifully wrapped roll of toilet paper.
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*ROTFL!!!!!* I'm going to have to use that one!
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Here are a bunch of fun bridal shower games. Most are suitable for a couples shower.

It's in the Bag

Divide your guests into groups (your choice of number of groups and their size). Give out the following list showing an item they need to find in their purse or pocket and the point value. In case of multiple items, only one item can be counted. The team members who have the most points wins a prize.

pen or pencil (5)
personal business card (5)
used tissues (5)
keys (10)
cash register receipt (10)
lipstick (10)
nail file (10)
comb (15)
lighter (15)
business card of someone not at the party (15)
chewing gum (15)
breath mint (15)
hard candy (15)
movie ticket stub (15)
clean tissues (15)
calculator (20)
safety pin (20)
photograph of spouse or significant other (20)
toy (20)
checkbook (20)
current calendar (20)
gas station credit card (20)
perfume (20)
pain reliever (20)
library card (20)
book (20)
scissors (30)
hand cream (30)
shopping list (30)
cloth hanky (30)
needle and thread (30)
5 credit cards with the same name on it (40)
recipe (40)
map [other than the one that came with the invitation] (50)
socks or stockings (50)
spot remover (50)
shoes (extra pair) (70)
pocket knife (70)
extra battery not connected to something in the purse or pocket (70)

Dig This!
In a large bowl filled with uncooked rice, put in 10-20 small paperclips. Each person is given 30 seconds to remove as many paperclips as they can. The trick is that the person is either blindfolded or they have to do it with the bowl sitting on their head.

How Observant!

The bride is asked to leave the room. While she is gone, the guests are asked to correctly identify what the bride is wearing, number of pieces of jewelry, color of eyes, hair, shoes, and belt (if any). They also need to identify the name of her employer. Favorite foods, where the couple met, etc. (Or any combination of questions you want to give the guests.) The one with the most correct answers wins.

(You can adapt this to include the groom too.)

Memory Lane
Each guest is asked to write down on memory she/he has with the bride (or groom in case it's a couple's shower). Then the cards are collected and shuffled. They are then read and the guest of honor has to guess who she/he shared that memory with. If the bride/groom guesses correctly, they each win a token gift.

Beat the Clock
As an egg timer is randomly set (and hidden from view) the bride opens her gifts. If the timer goes off, the person whose gift she is opening at that moment wins a small prize. You can repeat this several times during the gift opening.

Don't Say It!
Upon arrival, each guest is given a safety pin to wear. If a person says the word "wedding," they have to give the safety pin to the person who "caught" them saying it. The one who has the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize.

Sage Advice

Each guest is asked to give a piece of advice to the happy couple. Then the guest(s) of honor have to guess who gave the advice. If they guess correctly, the guest is given a prize.

Couple Scramble

Guests are given a piece of paper with the bride and groom's names written at the top. Then they are given five minutes to make as many three or more letter words as possible using only the letters from the names.

Dunk the Bridal Bouquet

Make up a small bouquet with fresh or fake flowers. Put a laundry basket on the floor. The person who is able to get the bouquet in the basket from the greatest distance wins.

Hope that helps. Have fun! :)

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These are some great ideas gurls. I am my sisters maid of honor and I am only 18 and know nothing about planning a shower/batchlorette party. Thanx for your help.
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I need some ideas for clever wording for the "couples shower" invite. I have looked all over the internet and found nothing good yet. Any ideas, websites, etc. Would be much appreciated!! Thank so much!
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